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E1. A comparative study between hydrophobicity and roughness measurements on the composite insulator housing.
De Mello, D.R., Garcia, R.W.S., de Mendon?ca, J.R., de Oliveira, J.L.

E2. Prediction of electrical performance of medium voltage epoxy insulated equipment.
Gorur, R., Iyer, G., Krivda, A., Mahonen, P.

E3. Development of methodology for monitoring composite insulators in service.
Garcia, R.W.S., Paiva, O.L.S., da Costa, E.G., Ferreira, L.F.P, Mello, D.R.

E4. Pollution test methods for polymeric insulators: Simulation of coastal environment and recovery of hydrophobicity.
Gutman, I., Dernfalk, A., Nefedov, A., Seifert, J.M.

E5. Improvement of contamination flashover voltage performance of cylindrical porcelain insulators by partial coating of silicone rubber.
Matsuoka, R., Kondo, K., Yamada, K., Hayashi, A., Sakanishi, K., Ito, S.

E6. Estimation of insulators pollution based on spectral analysis.
da Costa, E.G., Ferreira, T.V., Vilar, P.B., Germano, A.D., Bezerra, J.M.B.

E7. Evaluation of polymeric insulators retired from 138kV lines.
De Mello, D.R., Gonzalez, E.G.C., Cardoso, P.A., Aguiar, G, Viviani, L.

E8. Minimum approach distance calculation for safe live works in presence of line composite insulators according to IEC 61472 criteria.
Valagussa, C., Kuljaca, N., Mazza, P., De Don?a, G., Rendina, R.

E9. Flashover performance of insulation surfaces under combined DC stress and air flow.
Victoria Lopez, R., Gockenbach, E., Borsi, H.

E10. Ageing test of silicone rubber insulators in clean fog conditions.
Wieczorek, K., Bretuj, W., Fleszy?nski, J.

E11. Inclined plane test of composite, silicone rubber and composite silicone rubber coated materials.
Baharom, M.N.R., Cotton, I.

E12. Comparative study of RTV coated glass and porcelain disc insulators with polymeric insulator under pollution conditions.
Devendranath, D., Aravind, K.A., Ramulu, A., Kumar, M.M., Ram, S.S.T., Saleem, S.A.

E13. Tracking and erosion of composite insulators and spacers A comparative study of test methods.
De Mello, D.R., Garcia, R.W.S., de Mendon?ca, J.R.

E14. Evaluation of the performance of HTV silicone rubber exposed to AC & DC surface discharges using the inclined plane test.
Heger, G., Vermeulen, H.J., Vosloo, W.L.

E15. Dielectric performance of composite housing.
Pigini, A., Cardano, P., de Nigris, M., Rocchetti, G.

E16. Determination of U50 breakdown voltage for long air gaps submitted to a negative switching voltage using a predictive dynamic model.
Beroual, A., Rakotonandrasana, J.H.

E17. Study on the flashover characteristics of air gaps for San Hu ±500kV double line transmission tower.
Ding, Y., Liao, W., Li, Q., Sun, Z.

E18. Modelling of surface charge decay in a spherical cavity within a solid dielectric material using finite element analysis.
Illias, H., Chen, G., Lewin, P.L.

E19. Auxiliary spark gaps for transformer protection.
Seitshokelo, K.V., Beutel, A.A., Geldenhuys, H.J., Cebekhulu, J.

E20. Study of deterioration mechanism and evaluation methods for insulator frames in vacuum circuit breakers.
Wada, T., Ueda, T., Koyama, T, Sasamoto, A.

Paper E21. Behaviour of corona discharges between a metal electrode and water surface under AC voltage stress.
Imano, A.M., Beroual, A.

E22. Discharges current characteristics of water droplets on dielectric solid surface under AC voltage stress.
Imano, A.M., Beroual, A.

E23. Improvement of surge arresters mechanical performance by analysing critical loads to which they are exposed and by optimising their installation on overhead power transmission lines.
Babuder, M., Becan, M., Dodig, M., Zemljaric, B.

E24. Transient phenomena by controlled switching of high voltage shunt reactor in 123kV transmission network.
Bojic, S., Uglesic, I., Jaman, N.

E25. An estimation of tall constructions height impact on striking distance using a computer simulation.
Charalambakos, V.P., Pyrgioti, E.C., Nikolaou, N., Stamatelatos, C.P.

E26. Electrical and temperature characteristics of polymer surge arrester with thermal mechanical stress and manufacturing conditions.
Cho, H., Yoo, D.

E27. Tracking deterioration properties of polymeric insulator depending on housing materials.
Cho, H., Yoo, D.

E28. Silicone rubber insulators with notched surface.
Chrzan, K.L.

E29. Lightning impulse performance of polluted medium voltage insulators.
Chrzan, K.L.

E30. Effect of impulse polarity on the flashover voltage of polluted cap and pin insulators.
Chrzan, K.L., Schwarz, H., Hauser, H.

E31. Artificial rain test of outdoor long rod insulators.
Chrzan, K.L., Streubel, H.

E32. Hygroscopic properties of natural pollutants on silicone rubber surface.
Chrzan, K.L., Greyling, C.

E33. Influence of manufacturing imperfections and water drops in the electric field distribution of polymeric insulators.
da Costa, E.G., Vilar, P.B., Ferreira, T.V., Sousa, F.P.F., Torres, I.S.M., Germano, A.D.

E34. Effect of artificial aging on polymeric spacers.
da Costa, E.G., Ferreira, T.V., Angelini, J.M.G., Germano, A.D., Molina, F.H., Medonca, P.L.

E35. Studies on pollution performance of ceramic insulators under AC excitation.
Dixit, P., Krishnan, V., Nagabhushana, G.R.

E36. Dynamic behaviour of water droplet for evaluating outdoor insulator.
Du, B.X., Xia, Y.S., Liu, Y., Yang, B.X.

E37. Study of factors influencing voltage profiles along mixed insulator strings.
Dumakude, T.S., Ijumba, N.M., Britten, A.C.

E38. Influence of filler type and level on the electrical and thermal performance of RTV silicone rubber coatings.
Ehsani, M., Farahang, F., Jazayeri, S.H.

E39. Prediction of partial discharges at water drops on insulating surfaces stressed by electrical field.
Feier-Iova, S., Hinrichsen, V.

E40. UHV series compensated transmission line equipped with new distance protection.
Balcerek, P., Fulczyk, M., Saha, M.M., RosoAlowski, E., Izykowski, J., Pierz, P.

E41. An electrothermodynamic model for the analysis of the pollution flashover performance of practical insulators.
Holtzhausen, J.P.

E42. Improvement of electrical characteristics of composite line post insulator on the basis of 3D distribution of potential analysis.
Hrastnik, J.

E43. Research of safety protection for live working on 1000kV AC ultra high voltage transmission line.
Liu, K., Wang, L.N., Hu, Y., Shao, G., Liu, T., Hu, J., Xiao, B.

E44. Pollution accumulation performance of various types of cylindrical insulators.
Kondo, K., Suzuki, Y., Fujii, O., Ito, S., Maeda, M., Nakachi, T.

E45. Overhead line temperature monitoring by using SAW sensor technology.
Kornhuber, S., B?ohme, H., Gao, Z., Markalous, S., Strehl, T., Pfandl, W.

E46. Aging performance of EPDM and HTV SR insulators for HVAC and HVDC excitation using the tracking wheel test.
Limbo, S.B., Vermeulen, H.J., Vosloo, W.L., Pieterse, P.J., Holtzhausen, J.P.

E47. Flashover model of HVAC insulators under nonuniform pollution.
Teguar, M., Mekhaldi, A., Boubakeur, A., Harid, N.

E48. Impulse breakdown of short rodplane gaps with a rod covered with different dielectric materials.
Mavroidis, P.N., Mikropoulos, P.N., Stassinopoulos, C.A., Zinonos, M.

E49. The new technologies of live working.
Ovsyannikov, A., Batrakov, A., Korobkov, N.

E50. The insulating properties of accessories for live working.
Ovsyannikov, A., Batrakov, A., Korobkov, N.

E51. Design and testing of UHV bushings.
Pigini, A., Testin, G.

E52. Electric field performance of an overhead line inspection robot Preliminary results.
Pretorius, P.H., Mahatho, N., Boje, E., Lorimer, T.

E53. Magnetic field exposure of live line workers on high power transfer 765kV and 400kV power lines.
Pretorius, P.H., Luhlanga, P., Bhulose, P.T.

E54. Wild fire faults on 765 kV lines Modelled conditions and electrical performance.
Pretorius, P.H., Muftic, D.

E55. Liveline work gaining ground supported by technology advances and the strategic adoption by cooperations.
Snyders, A., Enslin, J., Naidoo, P., Reichmeider, P., Tuttle, J.

E56. SVC compensation for relatively weak high voltage networks feeding a 25 kV and 50 kV AC traction power systems for the operation of high power train services.
Swanson, A., Jain, S., Goh, S.

E57. Positive streamer propagation along profiled insulating surfaces with room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber coatings.
Mikropoulos, P.N., Tzimkas, L.C., Giannopoulos, T.P., Tsintikidis, P.G.

E58. New composite insulator string designed for 400 kV overhead line using statistical insulation coordination procedure.
Vizintin, S., Uglesic, I., Vertacnik, B., Kifle, H., Barl, B., Lesjak, S.

E59. Dryband breakdown of lightly polluted insulators.
Waters, R.T., Haddad, A.M., Griffiths, H., Harid, N., Sarkar, P.

E60. Mechanisms for the breaking of OPGW by lightning.
Hu, Y., Liu, K., Wang, L.N.

E61. Modelling of dryband arc compression.
Zhang, X., Rowland, S.M., Terzija, V.

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