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G1. Overview of a rocket triggered lightning research facility in South Africa.
Dickson, A.S., Grant, M.D., Jandrell, I.R., Nixon, K.J.

G2. Experimental evaluation of potential rise and step and touch voltages at high voltage towers under lightning impulses.
Harid, N., Ullah, N., Ahmeda, M., Griffiths, H., Haddad, A.M., Ainsley, A.

G3. Accurate PD location in transformers by study of its signal propagation using MTL model.
Hosseini, S.M.H., Ghaffarian Niasar, M., Vakilian, M.

G4. Microvaristor filled silicone elastomers. Advantages and restraints of principal adaptability.
Stolz, J., Gutheil, B., Wei, P.

G5. A statistical method for lightning incidence calculations in transmission lines.
Mikropoulos, P.N., Tsovilis, T.E.

G6. Lightning location networks performance validation with RLDN.
Djurica, V., Milev, G., Kosmac, J.

G7. Determination of acceptable closing time scatter and residual flux measurement uncertainty for controlled switching of transformers.
Ebner, A.

G8. Overvoltage investigations of cable shieldings and protection methods.
Fabian, J., Pack, S., Muhr, M.

G9. Experimental investigation on soil ionization.
Asimakopoulou, F.E., Gonos, I.F., Stathopulos, I.A.

G10. The influence of lightning on 11 & 22 kV lines with varying BIL.
Jooste, F.J., van Schalkwyk, W.J.D, Britten, A.C.

G11. Calculation of energy stress on surge arresters in 275kV transmission lines.
Bhattarai, R., Griffiths, H., Harid, N., Haddad, A.M.

G12. Earth surface potential calculation using scale model with scaling time of applied impulse current.
Ghoneim, S., Hirsch, H.

G13. Evaluation of lightning flashover risk of HV overhead transmission lines.
Gu, S.Q., Chen, J.H., Tong, X.F., Li, X.L.

G14. Influence of the new kfactor method of the IEC draft 600601 on the evaluation of lightning impulse parameters in relation to ultra high voltage testing.
Hinow, M., Steiner, T.

G15. Evaluation of novel parallel connected current sharing spark gap devices under 10/350 us and 8/20 us current impulse conditions.
Michalopoulos, A., Govender, T., Duncan, B.R., Van Coller, J.M., Jandrell, I.R.

G16. An outdoor 7.2MV impulse generator.
Ai, X., Ding, J.

G17. Factors which determine the voltage distribution within the windings of transformers connected to gas insulated substations.
Pinches, D.S., Al-Tai, M.A.

G18. Simulation of performance of HV power transformer model winding provided with metal oxide surge absorber blocks to fast transient voltages.
Ansari, M.Z.A., Gurumurthy, G.R., Amarnath, J.

G19. Arc behaviour in small capacitive current interruption with high voltage airbreak disconnectors.
Chai, Y., Wouters, P.A.A.F., Van Hoppe, R.T.W.J., Smeets, R.P.P.

G20. Discrete wavelet transform in power systems: Transient disturbance analysis.
Costa, F.B., Souza, B.A., Brito, N.S.D.

G21. A recursive filter to correct disturbance in the secondary voltage of coupling capacitor voltage transformers.
Machado, E.P., Fernandes Jr., D., Neves, W.L.A.

G22. Energy injection effect on transient grounding resistance.
Diaz, R.R., Silva, J.N.

G23. Dealing with transient recovery voltage in generator circuit breaker.
Drommi, J.L, Telmon, A., Digard, H.

G24. Mitigation of fast dU/dt for protection of distribution transformers.
Florkowski, M., Fulczyk, M., Ostrogrska, M., Piasecki, W.

G25. Protection zone estimation for high lightning rods by a fractal approach.
He, J.L., Zhang, X.W., Zeng, R., Tu, Y.P.

G26. Dielectric recovery of vacuum circuit breaker after interruption of high current arcs in presence of very intense AMF.
Hayati Soloot, A., Gholami, A., Jadidian, J., Niayesh, K.

G27. A calculation of switching transient overvoltage on combined transmission systems.
Jung, C.K., Kang, J.W., Lim, K.S., Lee, J.B.

G28. Experimental study on strands breaking of OPGW by lightning and exploration of preventive measures.
Liu, K., Hu, Y., Wang, L.N.

G29. Evaluation of lightning parameters correlated with distribution line faults.
Kosmac, J., Milev, G., Toros, Z.

G30. Experimental validation of the hybrid method for near lightning electromagnetic field calculation taking into account the conductivity of the soil.
M’ziou, N., Mokhnache, L., Boubakeur, A.

G31. A multipulse lightning current generator with compact and controlled switching.
Filho, O.O., da Rocha, J.C., Caixo, S., Bianchi, R.

G32. Protection performance of lightning protection systems under switching surge voltages.
Faydali, Z., Ozdemir, A., Ihan, S.

G33. Analysis of overvoltage for GIL system between overhead transmission lines by EMTP.
Park, H.S., Kang, J.W., Jang, T.I., Jung, C.K., Han, S.O.

G34. On the tower footing resistance of micropile anchors.
Pretorius, P.H., Semmelink, C.J.

G35. Accelerated ageing test for metaloxide varistors used for overvoltage protection in inverterfed drives.
Rocks, A., Hinrichsen, V.

G36. Line surge arrester application on 123 kV double circuit line.
Sadovic, S., Babuder, M., Hrast, M., Bokal, D., Marin?sek, M., Sadovic, T.

G37. A model for lightning overvoltage calculations in case of intersection of 400 kV overheadlines to cable lines.
Schmidt, U., Schufft, W.

G38. Response of 220kV 100MVA transformer for nonstandard impulses.
Sumangala, B.V., Nagabhushana, G.R.

G39. Transient recovery voltage of 400 kV SF6 circuit breaker when clearing shortline fault.
Uglesic, I., Filipovic-Grcic, B., Milardic, V., Ivankovic, I.

G40. Possible applications of a tapped reactor series connected to a transmission line in the high voltage grid.
Wenzel, T., Leibfried, T.

G41. Side effects of current limiting reactors in transmission line.
Yang, P., Chen, S., Xu, W., Bian, X., Wang, W.

G42. Measurement of the speed of leader progression in long air gap breakdown by means of electrooptic integrated sensor.
Zeng, R., Geng, Y., Yu, Z.Q., Zhang, B., Li, H., He, J.L.

G43. Research on comprehensive lightning protection measures of 10kV insulated overhead lines.
Zhou, W., Han, X., Ma, W., Yu, J., Wang, X.

G44. Study on whole parameters of stroke current realtime monitoring system.
Li, H., Zhao, J.N., Zhou, W.J., Wang, J.L., Wen, H., Li, Z.Z., Wang, T.

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