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Список докладов - Секция F - Системные аспекты
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Автор:  dmatveev [ 07 окт 2009, 02:36 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Список докладов - Секция F - Системные аспекты

F1. Optimization of asset maintenance strategies and power flow operation based on condition diagnoses.
Endo, F., Shiomi, R., Suzuki, Y., Kojima, H., Hayakawa, N., Okubo, H.

F2. An improved preventive maintenance technique for freely breathing power transformer.
Fofana, I., Sabau, J., Boua??cha, A., Farzaneh, M.

F3. Evaluation of transformer reliability data based on national and utility statistics.
Jagers, J., Tenbohlen, S.

F4. Fuzzy and neurofuzzy models for condition assessment of power systems equipment.
Krontiris, T., Balzer, G.

F5. High voltages with high harmonic content: The influence on dielectric heating.
Sonerud, B., Bengtsson, T., Blennow, J., Gubanski, S.M.

F6. Space charge accumulation in epoxy based magnesium oxide and boron nitride nanocomposites.
Andritsch, T., Kochetov, R., Gebrekios, Y.T., Lafont, U., Morshuis, P.H.F., Smit, J.J.

F7. Investigations on the influence of the crosslink density on the dielectric breakdown strength and the mechanical properties of silicone gels.
Belz, O., Finis, G., Claudi, A., Claudi, A.

F8. Apollo ±533 kV HVDC converter station: Experimental verification of bridge housing clearances to earth.
Britten, A.C., Seitshokelo, K.V., Miya, W.S., Roets, H.A., Sibilant, G.S.

F9. Critical aspects for short circuit performance of large power transformers connected to UHV system.
Gupta, S.K., Kuntia, J.S., Tiwari, R.K., Dave, A.K.

F10. Resistance to high voltage arcing for silicone rubber/SIO2 nanocomposites.
Raetzke, S., Kindersberger, J.

F11. Optimization of conditionbased asset management using a predictive health model.
Bajracharya, G., Koltunowicz, T., Negenborn, R.R., Papp, Z., Djairam, D., De Schutter, B., Smit, J.J.

F12. The development of an architecture of common information interface for asset management of electricity grid.
Bajracharya, G., Koltunowicz, T., Djairam, D., Smit, J.J.

F13. Application of support vector machine in data mining of partial discharge.
Lai, K.X., Phung, B.T., Blackburn, T.R.

F14. Investigation of the surface flashover behaviour of cylindrical insulators in liquid nitrogen.
Blaz, M., Hilbert, M., Kurrat, M.

F15. Test result for 22.9kV 50 MVA HTS cable system in Korea and application in real grid.
Choi, C.Y., Jang, H.M., Kim, C.D., Lee, S.K., Jeon, S.I., Park, W.K.

F16. Improved condition assessment by fuzzymodelling, adjustment and merging of DGA’s interpretation methods.
Fischer, M., Tenbohlen, S.

F17. Uncertainty budgets of power transformer losses measurements.
Gamlin, M.

F18. Identification and assessment of necessary investments in historically grown medium voltage grids.
Hetzel, S., Schufft, W.

F19. Tools to assess behaviour and condition of high voltage equipment.
Hille, C., Federlein, S., Schnettler, A.

F20. Statistical analysis of life time data of service aged components for asset management decision process support.
Jongen, R.A., Gulski, E., Smit, J.J., Janssen, A.L.J.

F21. Designing a transformer’s aging model in the grid of the future.
Koltunowicz, T.L., Bajracharya, G., Djairam, D., Smit, J.J.

F22. New concept of high voltage switchgear online monitoring system.
Mestrovic, K., Poljak, M., Vidovic, M., Furcic, M., Loncar, M., Maras, I., Mik, A.

F23. Integrated systems thinking for refurbishment: HV asset optimisation tools, systems integration.
Mkandawire, B., Ijumba, N.M., Whitehead, H.

F24. Asset management of HV equipment: Strategies & tools, maintenance and refurbishment.
Mkandawire, B., Ijumba, N.M., Whitehead, H.

F25. Markov & Weibull analysis for HV network maintenance: Reliability management, preventive maintenance.
Mkandawire, B., Ijumba, N.M., Whitehead, H.

F26. Internal fault diagnosis of HVDC converter transformer using wavelet transform technique.
Krishna Murthy, P., Amarnath, J., Kamakshaiah, S., Singh, B.P.

F27. Large power transformers for alternative insulating fluids.
Pukel, G.J., Eberhardt, R., Muhr, M., Baumann, F., Lick, W.

F28. Rheological, thermal and electrical properties of poly(ethylene oxide) / silicon dioxide microcomposites.
Reading, M., Vaughan, A.S.

F29. Managing reliability risks of ageing transformers with practical endoflife condition assessments.
Ding, H., Ryder, S.

F30. Development of asset management support tools for electric power apparatus by evaluating average maintenance cost.
Takahashi, T., Okamoto, T.

F31. Impact of load profiles, WTI settings and hotspot factors on loss of life of dual cooling mode transformers.
Ishak, M.T., Zhong, Q., Wang, Z.D.

F32. Natural convection cooling in transformer network modelling.
Wu, W., Wang, Z.D., Revell, A.

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