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D1. Impact of duty cycle on wire to plane partial discharge under conditions of square wave voltage energisation.
Alrumayan, F., Cotton, I.

D2. Statistical analysis of transmission power cables condition data.
Cichecki, P., Gulski, E., Smit, J.J., Jongen, R.A.

D3. Development and demonstration of low cost robust leakage current sensors for evaluating contaminated insulators.
Phillips, A.J., Bologna, F.F., Major, J.M., Engelbrecht, C.S.

D4. Nondestructive and insitu analysis of cellulose insulating materials in power transformers.
Baird, P.J., Ding, H., Herman, H., Mortimore, W., Ryder, S., Stevens, G.C.

D5. Influences of parasitic effects on online calibration of partial discharge measurements.
Seifert, S., Kessler, O., Plath, R., Emanuel, H., Boschet, V.

D6. Recognition of partial discharge signals detected by ultrahighfrequency Hilbert fractal antenna.
Cheng, C.K., Li, J., Jiang, T.Y., Wang, Y.Y., Du, L.

D7. Insulation characteristics of micro size defects inner epoxy.
Miyashita, M., Nishida, C., Kamei, M., Ueta, G., Kaneko, S., Okabe, S.

D8. A comparative study of PD frequency spectra of typical artificial defects.
Nyamupangedengu, C., Jandrell, I.R., Reynders, J.P.

D9. PD diagnostics on GIS using UHF and acoustic method.
Schichler, U., Reuter, M., Gorablenkow, J.

D10. Design of ultra high frequency sensors to detect partial discharge in transformers.
Sinaga, H.H., Phung, B.T., Blackburn, T.R.

D11. Detail analysis of particle initiated partial discharges in SF6 gas for condition monitoring of GIS.
Asai, M., Nishizawa, K., Hayakawa, N., Endo, F., Yoshida, M., Uchida, K., Okubo, H.

D12. Polarization and depolarization current (PDC) tests for biodegradable and mineral transformer insulation oils.
Muhamad, N.A., Phung, B.T., Blackburn, T.R.

D13. Development of a setup for the evaluation of advanced partial discharge measuring instruments.
Hu, Y., Chiampi, M., Crotti, G., Sardi, A.

D14. Partial discharge identification using pulses sequence analysis and neural network.
Mirzaei, H.R., Akbari, A., Allahbakhshi, M.

D15. A new method to predict the electrical tree growth in solid insulation.
El-Zein, A., Talaat, M., El Bahy, M.M.

D16. Condition assessment of power transformers OLTC by DGA and dynamic resistance measurements.
Zuijderduin, R., Erbrink, J., Gulski, E., Smit, J.J., Leich, R.

D17. PD characteristics and defect patterns in three phase power cables.
Hio Nam, J.O., Blackburn, T.R., Phung, B.T.

D18. A study on PD location in oilfilled transformer using Sagnac interferometry sensing system.
Lee, J.H., Kim, M., Song, M., Lee, J.K.

D19. Ageing of OIP bushing insulation at very high temperatures.
Reumann, A., Bohm, K., K?uchler, A., Langens, A., Titze, J.

D20. Technical developments and practical experience in large scale introduction of online PD diagnosis.
Wouters, P.A.A.F., Mousavi Gargari, S., Wagenaars, P., Tigchelaar, I.J., Simons, B.H.M.M., van der Wielen, P.C.J.M., Steennis, E.F.

D21. Continuous condition monitoring of MV cable connections and PD interpretation.
Mousavi Gargari, S., Wouters, P.A.A.F., van der Wielen, P.C.J.M., Steennis, E.F.

D22. Thermalhydraulic investigation of transformer windings by CFD modelling and measurements.
Weinlader, A., Tenbohlen, S.

D23. Interpretation of acoustic PD information for synchronous multisite electric and acoustic PD measurements.
Bergmann, V., Broniecki, U., Twittmann, J., Plath, R., Kalkner, W.

D24. Optimization of UHF sensor geometry for online partial detection in cable terminations.
Denissov, D., K?ohler, W., Tenbohlen, S., Grund, R., Klein, T.

D25. Onsite testing and diagnosis of transmission power cables.
Gulski, E., Cichecki, P., Smit, J.J., Jongen, R.A., Seitz, P.P., Hermans, T.J.W.H., de Vries, F.

D26. Algorithmic determination of polezero representations of power transformers’ transfer functions for interpretation of FRA data.
Heindl, M., Tenbohlen, S., Kraetge, A., Kr?uger, M., Vel?asquez, J.L.

D27. Observation of dielectric parameters at generator stator windings under changing environmental conditions.
Sumereder, C., Muhr, M., Gro?alber, M., Ahrer, A., Balber, H., Korbler, B.

D28. Towards semantics based monitoring and diagnosis of power transformers.
Akbari, A., Setayeshmehr, A., Borsi, H., Gockenbach, E.

D29. Two level online monitoring system approach for H.V. GIS.
Al-Suhaily, M., Meijer, S., Smit, J.J., Gulski, E., Kanters, J.

D30. Potential of multispectralPDmeasurement for differentiation of interfering impulses and multiple PD sources.
Balkon, C., Kalkner, W., Obralic, A., Plath, R., Rethmeier, K.

D31. Evaluation of acoustic emission signatures of onload tapchangers.
Trindade, M.B., Martins, H.J.A.

D32. Wireless data acquisition system for high voltage substations.
Bogias, A.C., Harid, N., Haddad, A.M., Griffiths, H.

D33. Visualisation of synchronous acoustic and electric PD measurement data.
Broniecki, U., Bergmann, V., Twittmann, J., Kalkner, W., Obralic, A.

D34. Critical review of commissioning/routine tests with special interest in undetected defects in SF6 GIS/GITL using UHF method.
Cebekhulu, J., Beutel, A.A., Jandrell, I.R.

D35. Comparison of PD measurements results by means of different energizing and detection methods.
Cichecki, P., Gulski, E., Smit, J.J., Hermans, T.J.W.H., Bodega, R., Jongen, R.A., de Vries, F.

D36. Sensitivity limits of UHF PD measurements on power transformers.
Coenen, S., Tenbohlen, S., Markalous, S., Strehl, T.

D37. The application of nonintrusive techniques for locating gassing sources in large power transformers.
De Klerk, P.J., Kruger, N.S.

D38. Optimal partial discharges diagnosis of medium voltage power cables.
Gulski, E., Sinambela, E.J., Chichecki, P., Smit, J.J., Petzold, F., de Vries, F., Seitz, P.P.

D39. Partial discharge signal analysis in crossbonding joints.
Gulski, E., Munir, B.S., Smit, J.J., Quak, B., Seitz, P.P.

D40. Investigation of high frequency PD signal propagation in three phase power cables.
Hio Nam, J.O., Blackburn, T.R., Vakilian, M., Phung, B.T.

D41. A new verification method of the UHF PD detection technique.
Okabe, S., Ueta, G., Kaneko, S., Ito, T., Nishida, C., Kamei, M.

D42. Onsite insulation tests of high voltage GIS in Iran: A review.
Mohseni, H., Shayegani-Akmal, A.A., Jadidian, J., Hashemi, E., Naieny, A., Ghorbandaeipour, A., Khanali, M.

D43. The influence of carboxylic acids on the dielectric performance of oilpaper insulations.
Jovalekic, M., Tenbohlen, S., Koch, M.

D44. Development of prebreakdown partial discharge detection method for cause analysis of insulation breakdown in EHV XLPE cable and joint.
Kim, C.S., Kim, Y.H.

D45. Experiences with the practical application of sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA) on power transformers.
Kraetge, A., Kr?uger, M., Vel?asquez, J.L., Heindl, M., Tenbohlen, S.

D46. Identification of interlayer faults in a capacitively graded bushing due to very fast transients using cascade correlation neural network.
Dharani, P., Mohana Rao, M.

D47. Analysis of partial discharge signal patterns in XLPE cable under various soil conditions using self organizing map.
Md Thayoob, Y.H., Samsudin, M.R., Abd Ghani, A.B., Ghosh, P.S.

D48. Novel microwave techniques for PD diagnosis in existing GIS/GCB.
Miyashita, M., Minagawa, T., Hisatome, N., Kamei, M., Ishigaki, I.

D49. Influence of Tbranch structure of model GIS on propagation properties of PD induced electromagnetic wave.
Nakano, T., Omori, K., Sawada, M., Yamamura, Y., Ohtsuka, S., Kozako, M., Ikeda, H., Hikita, M., Hoshino, T., Maruyama, S., Sakakibara, T., Ueta, G., Okabe, S.

D50. PD monitoring of HV XLPE cable lines.
Koltunowicz, W., Obralic, A., Plath, R.

D51. Pulse sequence analysis of PDdata measured on outer boundary surfaces.
Obralic, A., Plath, R., Kalkner, W.

D52. Influence of a disconnecting part on propagation properties of PD induced electromagnetic wave in model GIS.
Ohtsuka, S., Ikeda, H., Hikita, M., Nakano, T., Omori, K., Sawada, M., Yamamura, Y., Kozako, M., Hoshino, T., Maruyama, S., Sakakibara, T., Ueta, G., Okabe, S.

D53. Benefits of synchronous UHF and IEC compliant PD measurements for effective noise suppression.
Rethmeier, K., Weissenberg, W., Vogelsang, R., Plath, R., Hoek, S., Kraetge, A., Kr?uger, M.

D54. Development and application of innovative partial discharge analysis algorithms using advanced measuring systems.
Kuljaca, N., Meregalli, S., Rizzi, G., Ceretta, C., Gobbo, R., Pesavento, G.

D55. Evaluating of water exchange between oil and paper in transformers under operation condition.
Setayeshmehr, A., Abdallah, J., Akbari, A., Borsi, H., Gokenbach, E.

D56. Stray hydrogen gas evolution from power apparatus.
Patel, J.J., Muthuraj, R., Shah, N.V.

D57. Measuring techniques and setup for synchronous acoustic and electric multisite PD analysis.
Twittmann, J., Bergmann, V., Broniecki, U., Plath, R., Kalkner, W.

D58. Monitoring and diagnosis for life management of cable systems.
Zhang, X., Gockenbach, E., Borsi, H.

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