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C1. Growth characteristics of electrical tree in silicone rubber.
Du, B.X., Ma, Z.L., Gao, Y.

C2. Application of line surge arresters to a 110 kV overhead line in an area with high lightning activity.
Judendorfer, T., Pack, S., Muhr, M., Ignaz,H., Klingbeil, L.

C3. Interaction of oil ducts and solid Insulation in HVDC barrier systems.
Liebschner, M., K?uchler, A., Krause, Ch., Heinrich, B., Leu, C., Berger, F.

C4. Impulse testing of a polluted insulator with a DC bias voltage.
Shifidi, S.K., Vermeulen, H.J., Holtzhausen, J.P., Pieterse, P.J.

C5. The viability of an airfilled concentric tubular transmission line for HVDC.
Holtzhausen, J.P., Vosloo, W.L., Stephen, R.

C6. Lightning impulse ageing of HV cable insulation.
Dao, N.L., Lewin, P.L., Swingler, S.G.

C7. Electromagnetic wave propagation characteristics emitted from air PD caused by simulated PD source in transformer tank model with practical coil.
Hikita, M., Morita, A., Kozako, M., Ohtsuka, S.

C8. Thermal and electrical ageing of silicone oil.
Hosier, I.L., Vaughan, A.S., Swingler, S.G., Moss, G.

C9. Insulation properties of vacuum interrupters after short circuit current interruption.
Koochack Zadeh, M., Hinrichsen, V., Ikeda, H., Hikita, M.

C10. Links between transformer design and sulphur corrosion.
Griffin, P., Lapworth, J., Ryder, S.

C11. Design parameter based method of partial discharge detection and location in power transformers.
Kumar, A.S., Gupta, R.P., Venkatasami, A., Udayakumar, K.

C12. HTV silicone composite insulators for HVDC applications Longterm experiences with material and design for 500kV and above.
Seifert, J.M., Stefanini, D., Janssen, H.

C13. Statistical estimation of the lifetime of solid insulations in consideration of defects.
Speck, J., Gro?mann, S., Wei?enberg, W.

C14. Comparative evaluation of breakdown strength of natural esters and mineral oil.
Vukovic, D., Tenbohlen, S.

C15. Selection and maintenance of an adequate transformer insulation system.
Wasserberg, V., Werle, P.

C16. A study of the electrical environment below HVDC transmission lines.
Govender, D., Ijumba, N.M., Britten, A.C., Sibilant, G.C.

C17. Modelling of fast transients using a high frequency transformer.
Koltunowicz, T.L., Bajracharya, G., Djairam, D., Smit, J.J.

C18. A proposed failure mechanism ofOPGWfor the horizontal approaching of lightning step leader.
Martinez, M.C.J., Ramrez, L.M., Smith, G.C.M.

C19. Intriguing observation on the breakdown trajectory of large airgaps under switching impulse voltages.
Ming, L., Wu, D., °Astr?om, U., Asplund, G.

C20. Graphical model of imperfection identification in instrumental transformers by DGA.
Davidenko, I.

C21. An efficient noise rejection method for online PD measuring in generators.
Akbari, A., Allahbakhshi, M., Jafari, K.

C22. Creeping discharges propagation over insulators issued of different materials in presence of SF6, N2, CO2, SF6N2 and SF6CO2.
Coulibaly, M., Beroual, A., Aitken, O., Girodet, A.

C23. Reevaluation of phase order transmission lines.
Beutel, A.A., Britten, A.C., Motloung, T.

C24. Partial discharges and breakdown in SF6 at submillimetre defects.
Bujotzek, M., Seeger, M.

C25. SF6 partial discharge detection of GIS using SWNTUHF fusion sensor.
Chang, Y.M., Lee, S., Jung, S., Baik, S., Lee, J.C.

C26. Fundamental characteristics of UHF PD probes and the radiation behaviour of PD sources in power transformers.
Coenen, S., Tenbohlen, S., Strehl, T., Markalous, S.

C27. Behaviour of metallic particle contamination in SF6/N2 gas mixtures under the influence of electric field in a common enclosure gas insulated busduct.
Padmavathi, D., Amarnath, J., Kamakshaiah, S.

C28. Assessment of dielectric behaviour of SF6/N2 gas mixtures with dielectric coated enclosure in a 1phase gas insulated busduct in the presence of metallic particle contamination.
Padmavathi, D., Amarnath, J., Kamakshaiah, S.

C29. Investigation on correlation between breakdown voltage and diagnostic measuring results of some in service aged motors.
Farahani, M., Gockenbach, E., Borsi, H.

C30. Detection of GHz frequency components of partial discharge in various media.
Fernando, S., Bojovschi, A., Wong, K.L., Rowe, W.S.T.

C31. Partial microdischarges and their statistics.
Ficker, T.

C32. Suspended particles in aged insulating fluids.
Fofana, I., Boua??cha, A., Farzaneh, M., Sabau, J.

C33. Use of controlled defects as UWB PD sensors calibration and sensitivity check.
Garcia-Colon, V.R.

C34. An optimized algorithm for SF6 leakage detection.
Graber, L., Kudoke, M.

C35. Suppression of primary electron number by deexcitation and/or electron attachment reaction in high pressure nitrogen.
Hamano, S., Iwao, T., Yumoto, M.

C36. Influence of repetitive surge voltages on the dielectric performance of insulating materials.
Hoppe, L., Gockenbach, E., Borsi, H.

C37. Sensitivity of UHF coupler and loop electrode with UHF method and their comparison for detecting partial discharge in GIS.
Hoshino, T., Maruyama, S., Sakakibara, T., Ohtsuka, S., Hikita, M., Ueta, G., Okabe, S.

C38. Flashover performance of 380 kV Vstrings with cap and pin type insulators under lightning and switching impulses.
Ilhan, S., Ozdemir, A.

C39. Dielectric modelling & diagnosis of the oilpaperinsulation system in power transformers.
Jaya, M., Leibfried, T.

C40. Dissolved gas analysis of natural ester fluids under electrical and thermal stress.
Jovalekic, M., Vukovic, D., Tenbohlen, S.

C41. Measurement of decomposed gas density of CF3ICO2 mixture.
Kasuya, H., Katagiri, H., Kawamura, Y., Saruhashi, D., Nakamura, Y., Mizoguchi, H., Yanabu, S.

C42. Comparison of arc control performance depending on configuration of spiral type VI contacts.
Kim, B.C., Park, H.T., Jung, E.H., Oh, I.S., Lim, K.J.

C43. Comparison of methods for the dissipation factor measurement at practical examples.
Kornhuber, S., Markalous, S., Muhr, M., Strehl, T., Sumereder, C.

C44. The remaining water in power transformer insulation after drying.
Krause, Ch., Gasser, H.P., Kiriyanthan, K.

C45. Influence of humidity on positive impulse flashover along cylindrical insulating surfaces bridging a short rodplane gap.
Lazaridis, L.A., Mikropoulos, P.N.

C46. Development and type test of a HVDC ±250kV MI submarine cable system.
Lee, T., Shim, S., Kim, N., Kim, J.N., Ahn, M.K., Lee, S.J., Jeon, S.I.

C47. Streamer initiation and breakdown in vegetablebased biodegradable oils.
Tran Duy, C., Lesaint, O., Nguyen Ngoc, M., Denat, A.

C48. Erosion resistance of silicone rubber nanocomposite at low filler loadings.
Thomas, M.J., Venkatesulu, B.

C49. Aging effects on mixture of thermally upgraded paper and kraft paper in mineral oil.
Yamagata, N., Miyagi, K., Oe, E.

C50. Development of 345kV gas insulated transmission line prototype.
Nam, S., Sim, S.I., Ahn, M.K., Park, S.W., Lee, J.M., Jeon, S.I., Kang, J.W., Seok, K.H., Chang, Y.M.

C51. On site experiences with multiterminal IEC PD measurements and UHF PD measurements.
Pfeffer, A., Coenen, S., Tenbohlen, S., Strehl, T., Markalous, S.

C52. Uprating the electrical capacity of an existing transmission line 275 kV to 400 kV.
Rashedin, R., Griffiths, H., Harid, N., Haddad, A.M.

C53. Influence of ionic impurity on loss factor, permittivity and breakdown voltage of cellulosic insulation paper.
Saei Shirazi, M.M., Borsi, H., Gockenbach, E.

C54. Properties of streamer discharges in silicone oils.

C55. Sparkover and surface flashover characteristics of CF3I gas under application of nanosecond square pulse voltage.
Takeda, T., Matsuoka, S., Kumada, A., Hidaka, K.

C56. Feasibility study of leakage current shunting method on wooden pole.
Wong, K.L., Rahmat, M.F.

C57. Study on the evolvement of partial discharge in oil wedge on oilimpregnated pressboard insulation.
Cheung, Y., Li, C., Miao, Y.

C58. Comparison with electric characteristics of environmentalfriendly oil with temperature increase.
Yasuda, K., Ishikawa, T., Arazoe, S.

C59. Behaviour of surface flashover depending on shape and gap distance of end shield in vacuum interrupter.
Yoon, J.H., Lee, S.S., Heo, J., Lim, K.J., Kang, S.H.

C60. Comparative tracking performance of insulation samples within low pressure environments.
Zhang, L., Cotton, I.

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