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Список докладов - Секция B - Электромагнитные поля
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Автор:  dmatveev [ 07 окт 2009, 02:33 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Список докладов - Секция B - Электромагнитные поля

B1. Analysis on common ground electrode shared by two DC transmission systems.
Zhao, J., He, J.L., Cai, Z.Y.

B2. Ion space charge measurement and simulation.
Otto, A.J., Reader, H.C., Pieterse, P.J.

B3. Dimensioning of screening electrodes for extremely high rated direct voltage.
Ovsyanko, I., Speck, J., Gro?mann, S.

B4. Design of grading rings for 1000kV AC composite insulator.
Bian, X.M., Wang, L.M., Guan, Z.C., Wang, L., Chen, Y.

B5. Measurement of magnetic and electromagnetic fields in a HV AC/DC conversion substation.
Borsero, M., Crotti, G., Vizio, G., Zilberti, L.

B6. Transient analysis of induced voltages on gas pipelines due to lightning strikes on a parallel transmission line.
Caulker, D., Ahmad, H., Yusaf, S., Osrin, Z.

B7. Design of a filter for a SPWM VSI connected to the grid via the deltawinding of a deltaY transformer.
Chetty, L., Ijumba, N.M.

B8. Overvoltages induced on overhead power lines by an indirect lightning returnstroke.
M’ziou, N., Mokhnache, L., Boubakeur, A., Kattan, R.

B9. Multiconductor modelling and analysis for a 25 kV AC multiple return conductor and a 2x25 kV AC autotransformer railways system.
Swanson, A., Goh, S.

B10. A computational method for positive corona inception in the coaxial cylindrical electrode arrangement in air under variable atmospheric conditions.
Mikropoulos, P.N., Zagkanas, V.N.

B11. Electric and magnetic fields in 400kV compact substations.
Albano, M., Haddad, A.M., Griffiths, H., Coventry, P.F.

B12. Abnormal audible noise and visual discharges at glass capandpin insulators related to the different properties of cement.
Dernfalk, A., Gutman, I., Carlshem, L., Kleveborn, R.

B13. Comparative studies of AC and DC corona power losses in an indoor corona cage.
Ijumba, N.M., Lekganyane, M.J., Britten, A.C.

B14. Investigation of wire explosion phenomena in high current fast opening switches.
Jadidian, J., Mohseni, H., Karbalaie-Zadeh, M., Jebeli-Javan, M., Shayegani-Akmal, A.A., Niayesh, K., Mohseni, H.

B15. Automatic calculation of optimized electrode configuration in vacuum interrupter.
Suzuki, K., Kato, K., Kojima, H., Okubo, H.

B16. Dynamics of partial discharge in dielectrics: A computational approach.
Bojovschi, A., Rowe, W.S.T., Wong, K.L.

B17. A three dimensional electrical network for oilpaper insulation modeling.
Bouacha, A., Fofana, I., Meghnefi, F., Farzaneh, M.

B18. Investigation of the transient magnetic field components propagation characteristics due to partial discharge in XLPE cable.
Ghani, A.B.A, Chakrabarty, C.K.

B19. A comparison of the performance of online transformer monitoring indicators with conventional transformer oil tests.
Gradnik, T., Koncan-Gradnik, M., Mulej, M., ?Cu?cek, B., Pezdirc, M.

B20. Largescale earthing test facilities at Dinorwig power station.
Guo, D., Lathi, D., Harid, N., Griffiths, H., Haddad, A.M., Ainsley, A.

B21. Comparative analysis of the electric field distribution around high voltage fittings.
Hu, Y., Chiampi, M., Crotti, G., Sardi, A.

B22. New technique forDCelectric field analysis in gas insulated systems based on electric charge conduction phenomena.
Kato, K., Kaneko, S., Okabe, S., Okubo, H.

B23. Electrostatic field analysis of 1200 kV transformer by boundary element method.
Lalwani, G., Singh, R.K., Gupta, S.K., Kuntia, J.S., Tiwari, R.K.

B24. Analysis of magnetic fields under power transmission lines changing direction.
Matsumoto, T., Hirata, H., Hiraoka, Y., Isaka, K., Hayashi, N., Tarao, H.

B25. Evaluation on stress grading system of MV cable termination by surface field measurements and E-field calculations.
Ming, L., Papazyan, R., Johansson, K., Svahn, J.

B26. On the electrical field performance of an overhead conductor real time monitoring system (RETMOS II).
Burger, A.A., Pretorius, P.H., Ferreira, I.

B27. On the application of advanced software in overhead line design.
Pretorius, P.H., Burger, A.A., Muftic, D., Mahatho, N.

B28. Immunity of a mobile HV measurement facility to conducted disturbances Laboratory and field testing.
Pretorius, P.H., Hubbard, K.R.

B29. Rogowski coil parameters verification in wide frequency range.
Prochazka, R., Hlavacek, J., Kvasnicka, V., Draxler, K.

B30. Partial saturation of current transformers in gas insulated switchgears.
Braisch, D., Schichler, U., Schumacher, M., Funk, H.W., Krebs, R.

B31. Twisted pair samples subjected to square voltages: Online measurements of dielectric properties during partial discharges.
Sonerud, B., Bengtsson, T., Blennow, J., Gubanski, S.M.

B32. Tonal component of the audible noise from UHVAC transmission lines.
Straumann, U., Fan, J.

B33. Influence of different parameters on sensivity verification for UHF PD measurement.
Troeger, A., Riechert, U.

B34. Aspects of nonuniformity in low frequency electromagnetic field assessment.
Voncina, R., Drnovsek, T., Barl, B., Zorman, M.

B35. Corona audible noise of 110 kV high voltage overhead transmission lines.
Egger, H., Draxler, R., Wernegger, H.J., Muhr, M., Woschitz, R.

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