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A1. Terminal based recognition of resonance overvoltages in transformer windings.
Florkowski, M., Furgal, J.

A2. The negative dissipation factor and the interpretation of the dielectric response of power transformers.
Koch, M., Kruger, M.

A3. Investigation of the effect of a lightning impulse waveform exceeding 600kV on the dielectric strength of SF6 gas and insulation oil.
Koyama, H., Hoshino, T., Hanai, M., Okabe, S., Tsuboi, T., Takami, J.

A4. Determination of volume resistivity of polymeric insulators by surface charge decay.
Lutz, B., Kindersberger, J.

A5. Relationship between overshoot and the base curve for lightning impulse waveform.
Matsumoto, S., Nishimura, N., Kasajima, K., Kawamura, T.

A6. Application of an integrated electrooptic sensor for measuring very fast transient overvoltages in GIS.
Zeng, R., Wang, B., Yu, Z.Q., Li, H.

A7. Quality control of HVDC extruded cables: Electrical treeing in XLPE under different voltage stresses.
Mauseth, F., Ildstad, E., Ytterstad, M., Hegerberg, R., Sanden, B., Jeroense, M., Skog, J.E.

A8. Stability of stepresponse parameters of standard impulse voltage divider for lightning impulse.

Miyazaki, S., Goshima, H., Shinkai, H., Yashima, M., Wakimoto, T., Ishii, M.

A9. Application of the kfactor approach to laboratory tests.
Pesavento, G., Gobbo, R.

A10. Analysis of full and chopped lightning impulse voltages from transformer tests using the new kfactor approach.
Pfeffer, A., Tenbohlen, S.

A11. Partial discharge inception on tangentially stressed boundary surfaces for insulation materials of large turbine generators.
Werdelmann, P., Kempen, S., Pohlmann, F., Peier, D.

A12. Review of important diagnostics parameters for power transformer.
Piush, V., Sood, Y.R., Singh, J.

A13. Enhanced partial discharge evaluation methods for DC PD measurements using fully digital PD analysing systems.
Rethmeier, K., Kuchler, A., Liebschner, M., Krause, Ch., Kraetge, A., Kr?uger, M.

A14. Arc shapes observed during the laserinduced breakdown of spark gaps.
West, N.W., Jandrell, I.R.

A15. Uncertainties in the application of atmospheric and altitude corrections as recommended in IEC standards.
Wu, D., Li, M., Kvarngren, M.

A16. Design and first experiences with 1 million volt grounded tank resonant test system for GIL factory testing.
Britton, J., Hopkins, M.D., Fitzgerald, P.J.

A17. Use of UV cameras for corona tests in high voltage laboratory.
Cardoso, J.A.A., Filho, O.O., Ramalho de Mello, D.

A18. Electrical degradation of 15 kV XLPE and EPR cable energized by switching impulses.
Grzybowski, S., Cao, L., Shrestha, P.

A19. Alternating voltage tests on distribution transformers using static frequency converters.
Moessner, K., Leibfried, T., Gamlin, M.

A20. Experimental studies on surface discharge dynamics and decay under different voltage waveforms and electrode shapes.
Tran, T.N., Lewin, P.L., Wilkinson, J.S., Swingler, S.G., Coventry, P.F.

A21. Diagnosis of power transformer using Daubechies wavelet to localize inter disc/turn fault in the windings.
Bhoomaiah, A., Krishna, B.J., Ram, S.S.T., Rao, P.V.K., Singh, B.P.

A22. The influence of power quality on electrical tree growth and partial discharge patterns.
Bahadoorsingh, S., Rowland, S.M.

A23. Discussion on insulation levels and dielectric test technology requirement of AC UHV transmission and transformation equipment in China.
Cui, D., Wang, J.S., Wang, Y., Zhang, X.Y.

A24. AC test voltage waveform requirements.
Gamlin, M.

A25. Electrical tree growth in high voltage insulation containing inorganic nanofillers.
Meledath, J.T., Alapati, S.

A26. Transformer test systems based on static frequency converter.
Schierig, S., Thiede, A., Huang, Y.

A27. Dynamic characteristics of breakdown in transformer oil under AC voltage.
Abdi, S., Boubakeur, A., Harid, N., Haddad, A.M.

A28. Comparison of the dielectric response of aluminaepoxy composites with nano- and conventional sized filler.
Andritsch, T., Kochetov, R., Morshuis, P.H.F., Smit, J.J.

A29. Core magnetization effects on the frequency response analysis of transformers.
Aponte, G., Gonz?alez, C., Cadavid, H., Burgos, J.C., Pleite, J.

A30. Timeresolved current measurements in pure epoxy resin at DCvoltages.
Azer, S., Mertens, T., Rehkopf, S., Peier, D.

A31. Partial discharge diagnostics of micro cavities and ITS modelling.
Budde, M., Ermel, V., Kurrat, M.

A32. Space charge accumulation under the effects of temperature gradient on solid dielectric DC cable
Choo, W., Chen, G., Swingler, S.G.

A33. Inclined plane test, influence of transformer power.
Chrzan, K.L.

A34. Measurements of dielectric losses on paperoil insulation samples of service aged HV power cables.
Cichecki, P., Gulski, E., Smit, J.J., Vries, F.

A35. Dielectric impedance as a diagnostic tool for MV composite insulators.
Da Silva, E., Rowland, S.M.

A36. Testing transformer having wide voltage variation.
Tiwari, R.K., Mahajan, S.K., Dave, A.K.

A37. Design of a medium voltage divider for onsite calibration.
Crotti, G., Giordano, D., Sardi, A.

A38. The transient fault analysis of a large transformer test bay.
Goodwin, R.H., Grobler, E., Britton, J.

A39. Determination of ageing of polymeric insulating materials by thermal analysis methods.
Haas, A., Kindersberger, J.

A40. Influence of external noises on insulation diagnosis of GIS when UHF PD detection method is used.
Hikita, M., Nakano, T., Omori, K., Sawada, M., Ohtsuka, S.

A41. Leader discharge development and breakdown criteria under nonuniform electricfield in SF6.
Kojima, H., Yoshida, S., Iwata, T, Hayakawa, N., Endo, F., Okubo, H.

A42. New diagnostic tools for high voltage bushings.
Kruger, M., Kraetge, A., Koch, M., Rethmeier, K., P?utter, M., Hulka, L., Koch, N., Muhr, M., Summereder, C.

A43. Online monitoring of capacitance and dissipation factor of HV bushings.Reumann, A., Liebschner, M., K?uchler, A., Lagens, A., Titze, J.

A44. Partial discharge measurements of cryogenic dielectric materials used for high temperature superconducting transformers.
Lee, S.H., Jung, S.Y., Ryu, C., Koo, J., Lee, B.W.

A45. Influence of the number of breakdowns on the transformer oil properties.
Benamar, R., Boubakeur, A., Mokhnache, L.

A46. Temporary overvoltage measuring and analysis for insulation conditions of power equipment.
Li, J.M., Hong, Z, Li, Y.L., Liu, Q.L.

A47. Assessment of ageing conditions through paper tensile strength analysis of scrapped transformers.
Liu, Q., Wang, Z.D., Jarman, P., Azis, N., Sampson, W.W., Heywood, R.

A48. Development of a checking procedure for frequency characteristics measurement system at power transformers.
Marinescu, A., Dumbrav?a, I., S?tefan, D.

A49. A method to obtain frequency response in energized power transformers.Martins, H.J.A., Nova, ?I.F., Vasques, C.M., Carneiro, S.

A50. Interaction between test circuit for generation of secondary arcs and shortcircuit test transformer.
Martins, H.J.A., Ferreira, C.F., Cerqueira, W., Vasques, C.M., Trindade, M.B.

A51. Partial discharge resistant characteristics of alumina filled polymer nanocomposites.
Preetha, P., Thomas, M.J.

A52. Investigation on FRA waveform change by measurement parameters.
Sano, T., Miyagi, K.

A53. Frequency domain modelling of high voltage transformers using a nonlinear least square estimation technique.
Mohamed, R., Lewin, P.L.

A54. The study of an effect of coupling inductance in teals transformer for the best dimension.
Nedphograw, S.

A55. Influence of test equipment capacitance and residual inductance on waveform front generated in lightning impulse voltage test.
Okabe, S., Tsuboi, T., Takami, J.

A56. Study on damages caused by stator bar vibration of HV machines.
Peng, X., Jia, Z.D., Gao, S.Q., Wang, L.M., Guan, Z.C., Wang, T.Z., Yang, J.

A57. Improved noise suppression by realtime pulsewaveform analysis of PD pulses and pulseshaped disturbances.
Rethmeier, K., Obralic, A., Kraetge, A., Kr?uger, M., Kalkner, W., Plath, R.

A58. Realtime remote experiment in high voltage lab.
Muhr, M., Sadovic, T., Sadovic, S.

A59. Comparing investigation of partial discharge under AC, DC and impulse voltage.
Sun, Z.Q., Zhao, X.F., Li, J.S., Li, Y.M.

A60. Experiences with onsite testing of power transformer Trafositetesting.
Szczechowski, J.M., Werle, P.

A61. Development of new specification for transformer oil used during processing & testing of power transformers at works.
Tiwari, R.K., Mahajan, S.K., Varyani, D.

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